Best Film Financing Methods

Wade Bradley CEO, Media Society There are various financing methods for independent filmmakers, with the majority being highly unlikely and highly risky for the filmmaker. If you are looking to have all your financial savvy ducks in a row, then you need to review the following methods of financing a film as an independent filmmaker. [...]

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Healthy Film Financing Budget

Wade Bradley CEO, Media Society In this day and age, consumer behavior is monitored and greatly influenced by organizations’ marketing materials. The rise of social networks makes it increasingly easier for organizations to reach their consumers and spread the word of a product or service. An individual in this day and age will not go [...]

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Film Financing 101: Can You Take Advantage of Section 181?

Wade Bradley CEO, Media Society In 2004, the American Jobs Creation Act enacted Section 181, which marked a “potential” change to traditional film financing methods. Section 181 was recently extended at the end of 2014, and now applies to projects that began principal photography before the end of 2014. Any projects that began film rolling [...]

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4 Ways to Minimize Your Investment Risk and Maximize Returns in Film Finance

Wade Bradley CEO, Media Society Film finance is considered a risky, speculative investment vehicle with a hit-or-miss quality that many investors shy away from. The problem is that it's difficult to tell which projects will do well. Even films with compelling storylines can find themselves languishing in distribution limbo or doing poorly in theaters, making [...]

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Amid Stock-Market Volatility, Investments in Hollywood Can Beat Odds

New community-based investment strategies beat the odds in Hollywood. Investing in Hollywood has always been and will remain an emotionally charged activity that historical data clearly illustrates is a risky business. Unfortunately, its allure can dissuade normal investment logic and the advent of more powerful technology has likely increased investor risks, making it easier to [...]

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‘The Wall Street Journal’ says financials and investments are changing.

In recent discussions on the future of exchange-traded funds, The Wall Street Journal prominently mentioned that technology and Social Media continue to open fresh opportunities. Perhaps the biggest change that online trading technology has brought about is to democratize access to the markets, allowing individuals to make their own trades without the costs and time [...]

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S&P 500’s Rise at Five Times

“For almost six years, one of the most powerful bull markets on record has coexisted with the weakest economic recovery since World War II.” – Bloomberg The recent highly volatile selloff and equally overblown upside correction in stocks foreshadows the fragile nature of a market that has nearly tripled since its 2009 lows. As the [...]

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TIFF 2014: How Chris Rock, New Distribution Blood Fueled Film Deals

We are thrilled to see this years Cannes Film Festival illustrated the depth of buyers' pocket books… while Toronto has shown that the ranks of top flight buyers, grows even broader. During the next ten to twenty years we will be exposed to technological changes for the benefit of media consumers that are currently beyond [...]

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From Now On, Women Save the World

“The major Hollywood Studios are becoming more serious about female driven films, causing female starring roles to become more trend, than fad, as illustrated in Brooks Barnes New York Times article. Altar Identity Studios current film, Big Stone Gap, starring Ashley Judd, was made specifically to target the female audience from a series of best-selling [...]

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JPMorgan Sees ‘Lehman Moment’ for Russia If Ukraine Deteriorates

The Ukraine region conflict with Russia has the potential to cause a 'Lehman moment' in the Russian financial markets and possibly extending throughout the closely tied Western credit and equity markets. After reading the attached article it brings to light an important question, in the new world order where developed and advanced countries forego land [...]

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